1. The company has a professional R&D and manufacturing team, advanced production equipment, proficient mold design technology and superb mold manufacturing technology, and an excellent injection molding process technical team. Especially for electronic moxibustion products, plastic parts of medical equipment shells, plastic parts of communication equipment, and automotive interior parts. The company provides comprehensive and high-quality services to customers in accordance with the modern management model of the ISO9001 system. And adhering to the concept of providing customers with the best and most worry-free. Products are sold everywhere, winning the trust and recognition of customers.
2. The company adheres to the concept of being professional, refined and strong, with professional people to do professional things, and professional management system as the basis for continuous innovation and improvement. Constantly build Shenhao Plastics into a stronger professional plastic products manufacturer!
3. Let us understand your needs and provide you with the best service. We will listen to your every technical problem. Strive to be your steward. We pay attention to details to escort your products. We pay attention to quality and inject life into products. We value results and provide you with worry-free products.
4. Quick response: promise to give you detailed quotation instructions and product information in the fastest time; promise to tailor the products you require in the shortest time; promise to make the best budget plan for you at the most favorable price .
5. High-quality products and prices: Our company purchases various raw materials from manufacturers and purchases various raw materials in large quantities to reduce the company's costs, and to ensure that the products are high-quality and low-priced, and to effectively take advantage of our company's scale effect. Preferential to customers
6 Our company's slogan "Because of focus, so professional", our company will continue to devote all the staff's efforts to produce high-quality products for you. Welcome new and old customers call us.