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Structural system of combustion test box for automobile interior materials
Structural system of combustion test box for automobile interior materials
Data: 2020-12-16 14:51

The automobile interior material combustion test box is a special testing instrument used for the determination of the horizontal combustion rate of automobile interior materials. The interior materials that can be tested include single materials or laminated composite materials used in automobile interior parts, such as seat cushions, Seat backs, seat covers, headrests, armrests, movable folding roofs, all decorative linings, dashboards, glove boxes, indoor cargo shelves, or rear window sills, curtains, floor coverings, test indicators Such as flammability, burning rate, flame spread, burning intensity and flame retardant properties of the product can be tested.




Compliant testing standards:

GB 8410-2006, TL1010, GM6090M, DIN75200, GM9070P, FMVSS 302, JIS D 1201, JASO M403, ISO 3795, ASTM D5132, QB/T 2729-2005

Box structure

The test part and the control part adopt an integrated design, which is convenient for on-site installation and debugging. The outer shell and important parts of the test box are made of 304A stainless steel, which is resistant to flue gas and corrosion. The control system has a high degree of automation, with automatic ignition function, digital display of temperature and time, convenient observation and recording, and stable and reliable use.

The combustion test box for automotive interior materials is composed of a control box, a combustion box, a combustion lamp, a solenoid valve, a high-pressure igniter, a sample fixture, and a gas pipe signal control line.

1. Control box: It is made of 304 stainless steel paint spraying cold plate material. The switch button of the instrument can be selected according to customer requirements (the optional instruments are domestic instruments and imported instruments), and the control box is equipped with up and down massage The heat-resistant glass observation window is convenient for observing the change of burning speed during burning.

2. Combustion system: simplified standard combustion box (including fume hood), gas lamp nozzle with inner diameter of 9.5mm; ignition automatic control system, intake and exhaust system.

2. Timing system: burning timer, afterflame timer.